Main Types Of Cheek Implants

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Cheek implants are a common form of cosmetic surgery that tends to be risk-free in most of the cases. This intervention can be done for aesthetic reasons but also because of medical conditions or to fix certain consequences of an accident.

But these cheek interventions regarding implants come in different types. The surgeon will decide which type is suitable for you according to your particular situation. But let’s get familiar with these types and see what the differences between them are.

Cheek Implants Different Types

When the surgeon decides the type needed for you, they will take into account your anatomy as well. The types are Medpor (porous polyethylene), Gortex and hydroxyapatite (coral). Most doctors prefer to use Medpor thanks to their increased resistance and quality, but that doesn’t mean the rest of them are less efficient or functional. It is important to know that these implants might be hard to remove once they are incorporated with the natural tissue of the face which is why such an intervention should be done only if it is necessary and the doctor should be a professional in these cosmetic matters because no mistakes can be tolerated here.

This type of intervention takes around one hour if there are no complications or other health issues. A cheek implant surgery can give you the confidence you need and can shape your face in the best way that accommodates the rest of your features. If you have a certain preference regarding the type of implants, you should definitely communicate it to your doctor but don’t count on the fact that they will rely on it because many factors impact this decision.

Implants also come in different shapes such as malar, submalar, or combined as well as different sizes. The most popular one is the malar ones which are implanted directly on the cheekbones.

This makes them even more reliable and, but they also create the best outcome in terms of effects. Submalar are used to accentuate the middle section of the face, and they are not added to the cheekbones. And if you want a combination of the two types, you will benefit from an amazing facial change that will make you love the way you look even more and be proud of the results.

However, using both types will also generate a more dramatic effect which is exactly what some patients are aiming for.

Bottom line, it is hard to decide which type you need to redefine your face, but your surgeon might definitely direct you toward one type that suits your needs best. This surgery is also very appreciated by women who are aging and want to boost their beauty and regain more years of youth.

And it can be a great intervention for the right person, at the right time so you should consider it if you think it can make your life better!

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