How Long Does Cipro Stay In Your System?

Cipro will stay in your system for different periods of time according to your kidney function. Cipro, short for ciprofloxacin is used in a variety of situations including treating a multitude of bacterial infections that can have severe consequences for the organism. Since this is an antibiotic, it will have a direct effect on the growth of bacteria and if the treatment is followed precisely, it will have positive effects in short time. 

However, cipro should be taken under a doctor’s recommendation in order to be sure that it is the right type of treatment needed for an individual. 

This medicine should be ingested orally with or without food, in general twice a day but sometimes doctors might suggest different doses for different types of diseases. 

If your doctor recommended you a different way to administrate cipro than the instructions that come with this product, follow your doctor’s suggestion a the primarily advice. You will take cipro as part of your treatment according to your medical condition and the way your body reacts to this particular drug. 

It’s all about the kidneys

If your kidneys function at normal parameters, cipro will be successfully eliminated from your system in approximately 4 hours. As a general rule, half a dose of cipro will be eliminated through urine in this time frame as long as you are healthy and don’t suffer of any urinary tract infection. 

To get rid of all the dose of cipro that you ingested, it should take around 22 hours. In this time frame all its elements will be eliminated from your body. Also, it will leave your body free of any consequences in terms of active substances found in this drug.  

However, to estimate the amount of time needed to eliminate a cipro dose completely, you and your doctor will take other aspects into consideration. For instance, it will matter how much you took cipro as a treatment as well as how many doses a day you ingested. 

Also, your metabolic rate will have a high impact on the time it takes your body to eliminate a cipro dose as if you have a slower metabolism, it will take you longer to do that. Your age will also have an impact on this time frame. Older people will typically eliminate a cipro dose slower than others and the general health of a patient also has an impact on that. 

Another aspect that can impact the time cipro will be eliminated from your body is the body weight. People with increased body weight will take longer to eliminate cipro than thinner people. And these aspects apply to all types of drugs you might be taking so make sure to take such factors into consideration and add some extra hours to the general time frame. 

Treating Bacterial Infections with Cipro

Cipro is a very efficient drug, recommended by the majority of doctors for patients suffering of bacterial infections. While in most cases this drug can treat bacterial infections efficiently, you might need to be aware of the time that this drug stays in your system before adding a new treatment or even taking a new dose. 

Your doctor will recommend you to take cipro considering your overall health, age and weight so if you follow their instructions, you shouldn’t take any risks. If you still have question, make sure you contact you doctor for extra information and see what are the risks according to a particular situation. If you don’t want to take any risks when it comes to eliminating the last dose of cipro from your boy, add a few extra hours to the expected time and drink plenty of liquids. 

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