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before surgery tips and guidelines

Before Surgery Tips & After Surgery Toolbox – Everything You Need Here

This Comprehensive Surgery Toolbox
When I Had My First Surgery!

Don’t leave YOUR surgery to chance … there are positive things that you can do that will make your operation and stay in hospital safe, reduce your risk of infection and improve your body’s healing ability!

Interview With A Very Happy Customer
– Suzi Bodo, California

before surgery tips

Suzi contacted me after finding out that she needed surgery and she was very anxious about what was going to happen.

We had a medical intuitive consultation by telephone and I was able to teach her how to help her body prepare for her upcoming surgery.

She was released from hospital after 2 1/2 days and was surprised at how easeful the whole process was … she says:

I Couldn’t Find Anything Comparable Online

Getting the Before After Surgery Toolbox was such a relief. Compared to all the information I had been reading on the internet, it seemed like such an opportunity to have a positive surgery experience. I’m very happy I followed up.

I tried to find anything out there that was comparable to the program and I didn’t see anything. So I thought it could be a really great experience if I contacted Julie for a medical intuitive consultation. I was really pleased I did.

I read the eBook almost immediately and I was just happy to get information! I had felt ill-equipped to deal with all the fears that were coming up. It definitely calmed me down.

I Listened To The Meditations In Hospital

I purchased an iPod because I really wanted to have something I could listen to at the hospital. I listened to the healing meditations and I also had them in written format.

There was so much anxiety going into the surgery, it was great to have a sense of direction. There was a lot of information and a lot of different techniques that I found useful.

When I woke up after surgery, it was very disorienting and I was certainly surprised at how weird it was, but having followed a lot of the suggestions from the program, right away I felt like I could handle it.

The Pain Wasn’t As Much As I Thought

I went home after 2½ days instead of the expected 3-5 days – and I actually felt quite good … especially emotionally, immediately. The pain wasn’t as much as I thought. I felt well-equipped to deal with everything, which was surprising … never having had surgery. It really wasn’t as bad as I thought.

I can’t see how you could go into surgery without this kind of information. So, I would recommend it to anybody who was going to be having some type of surgery.

Suzi Bodo, California

A Breakthrough Experiment Using Meditation…

The more medical students meditated …
the higher the percentage of T-helper cells
found circulating in their blood

(the t-cells activate the immune system to fight infection)

Hullo there,

If you’re having surgery or have recently had surgery … then I recommend you take the time to read this letter all the way to the end …

And … here’s why …

A doctor recently told me … “It’s true Julie, unfortunately, we don’t have time to tell our patients everything they need to know before having surgery.”

Hi, my name’s Julie Lewin … and maybe you can relate to my story?

Let me explain …

I’ve sat in your shoes too many times. Having surgery can be tough.

And … it doesn’t get any easier.

My first surgery was so unpleasant that the next time I was told I needed surgery, I burst into tears. But … I didn’t stay down for long. I used my fear to propel me into finding out what I could do to have a better experience than the first time I went under the knife …

And, many surgeries later (now they’re another story) and helping my medical intuitive clients with their surgeries … the Before After Surgery Toolbox was created.

Actually, it was one of my medical intuitive clients who urged me to put all my research into one package so that everyone could have the benefit of these healing meditations … so I listened … and here it is.

How The Before After Surgery Toolbox Was Created

I want to tell you where this concept started from … so I need to tell you about my first surgery experience:

it was very frightening

my family was 1000 miles away

I felt totally isolated facing the experience alone … not knowing the reality of what was going to happen next … and my biggest fear was “am I going to die” — crazy thoughts I know — but very real at the same time

I had a bad reaction to the anesthetic and vomited endlessly for 2 days

the pain medication disagreed with me … making my breathing rate drop – and I had to have a nurse sitting with me all night telling me to breathe

my bowels didn’t move for 7 days after surgery – oh my goodness … that was a nightmare to resolve – thankfully, I learned it can be avoided

too many visitors in hospital … I didn’t realise how draining they could be — I think they were wanting to make up for the fact that I had no family to visit me … it was  overwhelming

a lot of pain … I cried myself to sleep

was afraid to walk in case everything split open … it wouldn’t … but it sure felt like it would

my scar didn’t heal very well … AND I couldn’t sleep!!!

So … As You Can Imagine … It Was Pretty Nasty …

Now all surgery is not like that … but I certainly didn’t want a repeat of that when confronted with future surgery.

Unfortunately, I ended up having 6 major surgeries …  the good news is I am still alive to tell the tale, and everything is good (touch wood).  No more cancer … which is always worth celebrating.

Make Life Easier By Having All The Information

If you are anything like me … you’ll want to make life easier by having all the information you need right now – all in one place … one easy to follow solution that prepares you for surgery … helps you through surgery and facilitates a speedy recovery!

So that’s what I’ve created for you! This toolbox is for ALL TYPES OF SURGERY. From minor day surgery to the most complicated brain surgery.

Research Proves Meditation
 Surgery Patients!

Did you know that research from the University of Wisconsin has revealed that when surgery patients use simple relaxation and meditation techniques:

  •  their hospital stay – on average, is 1.5 days less than the control group
  •  they recover faster from surgery
  • have fewer complications … and
  • have reduced post-surgical pains

And … there’s this great news from Dr Ainslie Meares, an Australian psychiatrist. Meditation became an integral part of his cancer patient treatment. He actually conducted a study with 73 patients and after they had completed at least twenty sessions of intensive meditation …  This is what he had to say:

“Nearly all such patients can expect significant reduction of anxiety and depression, together with much less discomfort and pain. There is reason to expect a 10% chance of quite remarkable slowing of the rate of growth of the tumor, and a 50% chance of greatly improved quality of life.”

Okay, no more suspense … here’s what you get
in this one easy solution
“Before After Surgery Toolbox”

10 healing meditations … they have been uniquely designed for your surgery experience … from diagnosis to recuperation

when you feel overwhelmed and frightened, finding it hard to get your breath you’ll be able to have this all under control again in 5 minutes … in fact you don’t have to be having surgery to benefit from this one

when your family and friends start telling your surgery stories about someone who knew someone – you can protect yourself from the effects of this emotional trauma … have peace of mind and feel calm

there’s a fantastic technique that gives you confidence going into the operating theater … you’ll feel safe and secure knowing the doctors and nurses will receive “extra” help

relief that you have a secret weapon against pain … and know this will have a positive ripple effect on the other consequences of pain management

a meditation for infection that has amazing results … I love this story:

I received a call from a friend of a patient in hospital … this patient was told that if the infection in her ankle was not better in 3 days – they would have to amputate her foot and ankle.  Understandably … everyone was very concerned.  I used this infection meditation on her over the next couple of days.

Not only did she not get her foot and ankle amputated … they sent her home.  She had healed so well over those few days.  This is the power of these healing meditations.

an amazing process for making your scar soft and seamless … no pulling, no ugly keloid scarring, no painful neuralgia

AND … Also there is a comprehensive 41 page eBook that has everything you need to know before having surgery.  Suzi Bodo found this eBook to be extremely helpful and can’t fathom how you could go into surgery without it. You’ll find:

 the 8 important questions to ask your surgeon so that you know you’ve chosen the best one for you (page 12)

 what you need to know about your health insurance so you don’t end up with whopping unexpected expenses (page 13)

 the worrying side-effect of anesthetic that no one else will tell you (page 15)

 the 3 questions you really do need to ask your anesthetist before surgery – these questions could make a huge difference to your recovery (page 14)

 the SECRET to harmonizing your emotions every time you are afraid, sad or angry (page 16)

 2 simple ways of protecting your energy … and nobody even knows that you’re doing it (page 18)

 how to reduce or avoid constipation after surgery – you’ll love this one … just this tip alone can make the difference between a bad experience and having a great experience (page 21)

 10 practical tips on how to reduce panic attacks and the fears they bring up — trust me, this is huge … if you can manage your panic attacks, the whole process is not frightening at all (page 22)

 8 easy things to do to cope with anxiety and fear before surgery – but don’t stop once you’ve had your surgery … do them forever — in fact, people suffering from post traumatic stress, anxiety and panic attacks (and not having surgery) are finding this invaluable (page 24)

 a list of proven affirmations for your surgery and successful recuperation – the feedback has been that these are changing people’s lives profoundly (page 27)

 a comprehensive list of recommendations which tell you when to use each healing meditation and why (page 28)

Downloadable Files – Get Them Straight Away

The healing meditations are downloadable audio files called MP3s. This means you don’t have to wait for a CD to be shipped to you. You can have them downloaded onto your computer within minutes of payment. And then put them onto your iPod or MP3 player and take them to hospital with you.

I strongly recommend you take them to hospital with you.  Even into the operating theater … you’ll be amazed at the positive difference this will make to your experience.

Zero Risk To You – 100% Guaranteed

Customer Satisfaction

And … its zero risk for you …
because if you’re not 100% convinced
that my special healing meditations
have helped you with your surgery
… or …
if for some reason the whole toolbox
has not met your expectations,
then please ask for a refund.

You don’t have to give me a reason why …
you’ll get your money back no questions asked

before surgery tipsJust $35.00


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What can I say … except don’t just take my word for it … even though I have used these tools to manage my own major surgeries:

  • thyroid cancer – I only needed pain medication once – and healed very well … you can see my scar in the photo at the top of this page
  • hysterectomy – this was the best decision I made.  The relief from the pain in my abdomen was amazing.  If you are having a hysterectomy – please, please, follow the instructions of your physiotherapist.  These exercises are vitally important to your long term recovery.
  • gall bladder removed – I was very lucky to be able to have keyhole surgery – I went home after 36 hours and went back to work in 3 days.  I don’t recommend this – but I was able to do it … as I had a business to run.
  • ovaries removed – this happened 6 weeks before I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer – and I had lost 40 pounds (18 kg) – and ended up in emergency feeling like my insides had exploded.  I had a pre-cancerous tumor on one ovary and a cyst on the other – I felt very blessed it wasn’t ovarian cancer
  • huge ovarian cyst and appendix removed – I was rapidly deteriorating in health 20 months after thyroid cancer surgery.  An ovarian cyst the size of a grapefruit had grown around my ureter where the ovarian tumour had been removed – a Professor of Oncology operated – so I knew I was possibly facing cancer again.  Thankfully – it was a benign cyst
  • tonsillectomy – my tonsils made me so ill that I was having pencillian injections into the bruises from the last injections.  It was a relief to have them removed

Over time … surgery became more easeful with the research and development I was doing for each operation … however, don’t just believe me … Listen to what these people are saying about my healing meditations and eBook for before, during and after surgery:

Wonderful Calming Healing Meditations

At the time our paths first crossed I was undergoing treatment for a very rare and aggressive form of breast cancer. As frightening as the experience was, I also found many blessings, one being the wonderful opportunity to meet you and have a reading and energy healing. I have benefited from many of our sessions, especially during my surgery to remove my breast which was an emotional roller coaster that you helped enormously to calm.

But of particular importance was my experience after breast reconstructive surgery. I had reacted quite badly to the anaesthetic and I was in quite a lot of pain, an emotional wreck and feeling very overwhelmed and fearful that the tram flap reconstruction would reject or I would get an infection. I remembered your wonderful calming protection meditation.

After doing that for a few minutes I felt incredibly calm and empowered and was able to proceed to the colours of the rainbow to settle myself for some much needed sleep. I can’t thank you enough for the gift you have given me and words will never adequately describe the emotion of gaining back some sense of control after such an ordeal. Your meditation techniques have changed my life in giving me the skills to have control and serenity whenever I need it.

You taught me that meditation doesn’t have to be a long process that I often put off because I didn’t have time. Now if I’m feeling negativity at work or in traffic or wherever, I protect myself in a few short minutes. If I can’t sleep, I no longer toss and turn, I meditate a few minutes and relax, enjoy and not surprisingly go to sleep.

If I’m in pain or discomfort, I trust that you can relieve that pain and have given me the skills to give myself some relief, but I must admit I have much more practice to do to achieve your level of healing.

If you want some gentle healing or the skills to calm yourself through traumatic periods, than seek Julie’s assistance. I look forward to giving your Healing Meditation CD to many friends as a gift.

Thank you for your wonderful gift and may you bless many more lives.

Deb Sargent, Brisbane – Australia

And this one from Bella …

The Meditations Are Simple, Enjoyable and Informative

Julie has identified the essence of life with her healing meditations. No breath means no life, so breathing is indeed sacred. To harness the ability to relax and help heal yourself is not only proactive but powerful.

Used in conjunction with Julie’s ebook, Before After Surgery Secrets, the meditations are simple, enjoyable and informative. I particularly find the Infection Protection and Pain Healing Matrix effective.

To be able to protect yourself from the stressors of modern living using Healing Meditations Before & After Surgery promotes peace of mind and physical well being.

Thank you Julie for your inspiration and guidance.

Best in success & wellness.

Bella Smith

And Merle … had great news from her doctor … the cancer hadn’t spread … and she loved the CD.

Follow Each Step

Hello Julie

Went to the surgeon today and the results are fantastic – no sign of the cancer in either the breast or lymph nodes and as a result, he doesn’t think I should have radiotherapy or anything like that. As you can imagine I am thrilled!!

I see him in three months time and then we will talk about the hormone treatment which I have had before and had no side effects, but that is next year, so have plenty of time to get myself fully recovered.

Thank you again for the CD – I have listened to it many times and follow each step – will continue to do so in the months ahead.

Thank you again,
Merle, Gold Coast, Australia

Valerie found the insomnia obliterator meditation particularly helpful for getting to sleep …

I Slept Sooooo Well

I slept soooo well after my first ‘night’ with Julie, my mp3 player and the Insomnia Obliterator healing meditation! It’s deceptively simple–and perhaps that’s part of why it’s so effective. And I’ve found that even when I’ve mentally played it, it worked too. It’s now on top of my ‘insomnia preventers’ library!
Valerie McDougall – co-founder www.GuiltFreeBusinessMothers.comwww.WorkLifeBalanceSuccess.com

I appeared on the TV show “The Extraordinary” thousands of people around the world are very happy people as a result of my medical intuitive work … people pay me a lot of money for a consultation … and you have the benefit of my work in these healing meditations and ebook … for just $35.00.

Why so cheap … because I wanted to make it affordable. Its so easy … you just have to listen to my voice and I do all the work for you.

Its up to you …

All the best,

Julie Lewin
International Medical Intuitive
Cancer Survivor, Author, Teacher

PS … Give yourself the best chance of returning home from surgery earlier than expected, with a neat scar, no infection or adhesions and get back to work in half the time … you won’t regret it … and if you do, ask for your money back… its simple really.

Just $35.00

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