Should You Be Smoking Weed After Wisdom Teeth Surgery

When I first was asked “Should You Smoke Weed After Wisdom Teeth Surgery” I had to stop and think, what would be the harm smoking a little weed after wisdom tooth surgery? It seems like it should not be a problem, but maybe we should think about this a moment.

Smoking weed after wisdom tooth extraction does have a couple of quick advantages, which is why the question gets asked. It provides mild pain relief and a slight sense of euphoria to keep our mind off of the pain from the wisdom tooth removal. That sounds beneficial, but what is the cost?

Experts Opinion On Smoking Weed

I asked a dentist during a tooth extraction for a family member about “smoking weed after wisdom tooth extraction“. First I got the normal glare you might expect, but then after a quick sigh, she preceded with an answer.

Her first warning was about dry socket. This is when your gums do not heal properly over the bone where the tooth was removed. This can result in going back to the dentist for another minor surgery and stitches to get the socket covered and healed. That would not be a fun way to spend a day.

It is not smoking weed that causes the dry socket. It is any type of suction that continually removes the healing scab from the socket. This could be sucking on hard candies, using straws or smoking cigarettes, too.

She then said in her experience, and all smokers have slower healing times on mouth wounds. She claimed it did not matter if it was marijuana, tobacco or weed. She elaborated by saying it made no difference if it was cigarettes, pipes or cigars.

I am still uncertain on her next answer. She stated that using weed after wisdom tooth surgery could reduce the effectiveness of the pain relievers she prescribed for post-surgical pain. I have read other reports that would imply the exact opposite, but it is something to consider.

Her next warning was the one that worried me the most. She said any type of smoking increase the chances of post-surgical infection in oral surgeries. She made it clear that it was a combination of keeping the wound open for a longer period of time with the chance of getting more bacteria into the mouth simultaneously. Battling an infection after you just removed a painful wisdom tooth does not sound like fun, either.

User’s Experience

After the dentist scared both of us, I asked a few friends who I suspected have smoked weed after wisdom teeth surgery.  One reported zero problems by waiting a couple of days after his wisdom tooth was pulled. Another one confirmed several of the dentist’s warnings. He ended up with a slow healing wound, a minor infection and added pain. He claimed his dentist almost yelled after finding out he had been smoking weed within hours after his wisdom teeth surgery.

The last friend is the one who thought he was safe. He waited two days after the wisdom teeth surgery before smoking. He was already off of the painkillers and felt great. He figured since all was going well, why not smoke. He went back for his follow-up appointment after a week and was his dentist informed him he had a dry socket. He ended up paying extra money to have it corrected and experienced a second round of pain. Was his smoking the cause? Neither of us knows, but do you want to take the chance?

Consult Your Surgeon

Here is what I would suggest. Do not be afraid to bring up the subject with your dentist. You will hear the same warnings I just mentioned, but it always good to hear them first hand. Try to wait at least until after your follow-up appointment before you light up some weed to smoke after your wisdom teeth surgery. It will make your life much easier.

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