Sleeping With Sling After Shoulder Surgery

Sleeping With Sling After Shoulder Surgery

Using a sling is more important than you might think, after a shoulder surgery. It is a fair part of the treatment and recovery and you should wear it as much as your doctor suggests you to. It might be uncomfortable to wear your sling all the time, especially when you are sleeping but you must find a way to make it work for the sake of your health. After a shoulder surgery your body will take several months to heal as this is a complex procedure.

Here are some useful tips and tricks to ease your job in case you need to wear a sling after a shoulder surgery!

1. Follow your doctor’s instructions!

If your doctor recommends you to use a sling after a surgery, make sure to take their suggestion seriously and apply them. By not using one you might damage your shoulder significantly.

2. Use the sling for as long as it is necessary.

You might need to use the sling for several weeks and even more in order to recover completely. Don’t neglect this even if you feel better and might have the impression that you don’t need it. Taking your sling off sooner than you should might end up in a harmful way for your shoulder and might slow down the recovery process significantly.

3. Try to sleep on the opposite side.

Your sleeping position is very important when you wear a sling. You will have to adjust to sleep on a different size in order to be as comfortable as possible. Don’t move it while you sleep and try to remain in one position. Keeping your sling in place is very important for the recovery of your shoulder. Your practitioner will also advise you regarding this aspect.

4. Apply ice on your shoulder before bedtime.

Ice is a very welcomed way to treat potential injury and inflammation. By applying ice before going to bed you reduce swelling and inflammation in the treated area a lot. This also reduces different risks of complications. Apply ice but also wrap the ice in a cloth material so it will not hurt you. Once you are done applying the ice you can wear your sling and go to sleep. Talk to your doctor about the importance of this step and only do it when it is necessary as well as by following the instructions you are given.

After a shoulder surgery, wearing a sling is common. And even if it is not the most comfortable outcome, it is all for the sake of your health on the long run. Slings help keep your injured arm and shoulder in place so that you are not damaging it by moving it without even wanting to. Take yours off during exercise and recovery sessions but wear it any other time, including when you sleep for as long as your doctor tells you to. Soon you will not need it anymore!


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