Before After Surgery Toolbox

You CAN Have Surgery with Confidence

IMAGINE … what your surgery would be like if you had the power to affect it, positively

IMAGINE … being able to influence your surgery team to perform first class surgery on you

IMAGINE … waking up in recovery to be told there were no complications and everything went well

IMAGINE … healing so quickly you go home from hospital earlier than expected

IMAGINE … returning to your normal life in half the time!

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Suzi Bodo Wanted All Of This

Suzi bought the CD and here’s what she said after her surgery …

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Suzi contacted me after being told she needed surgery. She was very anxious about everything.

We had a medical intuitive consultation by telephone and I taught her how to prepare for the upcoming surgery.

Suzi left hospital early and was surprised at how easy the whole experience was … she says:

I Couldn’t Find Anything Comparable Online

Getting the Before After Surgery Toolbox was such a relief. Compared to all the information I had been reading on the internet, it seemed like such an opportunity to have a positive surgery experience. I’m very happy I followed up.

I tried to find anything out there that was comparable to the program and I didn’t see anything. So I thought it could be a really great experience if I contacted Julie for a medical intuitive consultation. I was really pleased I did.

I read the eBook almost immediately and I was just happy to get information! I had felt ill-equipped to deal with all the fears that were coming up. It definitely calmed me down.

I Listened To The Meditations In Hospital

I purchased an iPod because I really wanted to have something I could listen to at the hospital. I listened to the healing meditations and I also had them in written format.

There was so much anxiety going into the surgery, it was great to have a sense of direction. There was a lot of information and a lot of different techniques that I found useful.

When I woke up after surgery, it was very disorienting and I was certainly surprised at how weird it was, but having followed a lot of the suggestions from the program, right away I felt like I could handle it.

The Pain Wasn’t As Much As I Thought

I went home after 2½ days instead of the expected 3-5 days – and I actually felt quite good … especially emotionally, immediately. The pain wasn’t as much as I thought. I felt well-equipped to deal with everything, which was surprising … never having had surgery. It really wasn’t as bad as I thought.

I can’t see how you could go into surgery without this kind of information. So, I would recommend it to anybody who was going to be having some type of surgery.

Suzi Bodo, California


A. Digital Toolbox  –  $37.00 $25.00

+ 10 healing meditationsCD and ebook
+ transcript of the 10 healing meditations
+ 8 Secrets To A Successful Surgery Guide


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+ CD with 10 healing meditationsCD and ebook
+ digital transcript of the 10 healing meditations
+ digital “8 Secrets To A Successful Surgery Guide”

$37.00$25.00+ $5.00 P/H

Julie LewinMeet Medical Intuitive Julie Lewin – the author and designer of this exceptional product.

Julie designed this product for herself through necessity.  She has had 6 major surgeries as well as many minor procedures, including thyroid cancer surgery in 2000. They are so easy, she taught her clients to do the same techniques.

One of her clients, Deb Sargeant, was so grateful to have this wisdom after breast cancer surgery, she sponsored Julie to go into the recording studio and record these vibrationally rich meditations for you.  They have been digitally mastered by one of the best sound engineers in the world.

These healing meditations are so powerful, they pierce the hearts of the most skeptical, practical minded people who think meditation is flowery, woowoo fluff.

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