Knee Pain When Sitting Indian Style

A male person sitting on a balcony with sudden knee-pain.

If you like to sit Indian style, with your legs crossed, you might be familiar with the effects of such a position. For a few minutes, sitting Indian style doesn’t have a big effect on your legs and it can be actually quite comfortable. But if you spend more time than a couple of minutes in this position, you will notice that your legs seem to go numb. Also, when you are trying to walk again, you will be probably limping for a short period of time. This happens because your legs tend to “fall asleep” due to a cut in blood circulation. But this is not the only side effect of sitting Indian style for a long time. Your knees might suffer of certain pain as well since they are not meant to stay bent like that for too long.

Sitting Too Long Can Cause Meniscus Tear

In some cases, sitting too long in an Indian position can even cause a meniscus tear. And a meniscus tear can be as painful and debilitating as any other knee injury. It takes a lot to heal and you want to avoid this at all costs. But if you still want to spend hours sitting Indian style, be prepared for developing such a condition and many other involving a certain level of knee pain. Your knee might not just be in pain but also show some mild or even more severe swelling as well as problems when you need to bend or straighten your leg. Plus, your knee might develop an uncomfortable tendency to get stuck easily or get locked up which can lead to serious complications and even surgery. But there are ways to get a piece of both worlds meaning that you can sit Indian style and still save your knee and legs from such injuries and potential further problems that you might be facing.

Tips To Avoid Pain In Knee

  • Try to stretch often and change your position rather than sit Indian style for several minutes or hours. Stretching is a healthy and easy way to increase circulation in your limbs and you should do it several times a day regardless to the position that you spend most of your time in.
  • Try to direct your center of gravity in such a way that the weight of your body is not affecting your knees directly or indirectly. When you sit Indian style, your weight is not pressing directly on your knees but that doesn’t mean that is has no impact on them. Because the way your body weight is pressing on your hips, you might feel that your legs go numb and that is something that will have some sort of impact on your knees. Try to balance your body from left to right that way your weight is not only pressing in one position and the blood starts to flow better through the rest on your body. An instructor can show you special techniques to try that efficiently.

As you can see, there are ways to enjoy an Indian style position without damaging your legs and in particular your knees so much. But you need to do your research before following such a position for hours. You might simply like the comfort that Indian sitting offers you or you might do it as part of a meditation strategy or workout exercise. Either way, keep in mind the long term effects of such a position and try to make them work in your benefit rather than the other way around.

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