Top 5 Jaw Surgery Blogs That Provide The Best Advice

Any kind of surgery can be scary. Whether it is a minor or major surgery, there are plenty of risks that come with undergoing a surgery. The same holds true for dental surgery. Undergoing a dental surgery is essentially venturing to the unknown. There is plenty of pain and long recovery time to endure. However, there are plenty of blogs you can read to acquaint yourself with what to expect.

Herein we will explore some of the top jaw surgeries blogs that provide the best advice to readers. Some of these blogs are written by orthodontists while others are written by individuals who have gone through jaw surgery. Either way, these blogs provide sound advice that you can follow. The orthodontists give advice from an expert point of view while the individuals who have undergone jaw surgery give advice from based on their own experience, something that is invaluable.


#1. Profilo Surgical (

This Australian-based blog website is run by excerpts who have an intricate understanding of jaw surgery. The blog website has posts relating to the full-spectrum of jaw surgeries that are carried out. For instance, the blog has posts on jaw widening surgery, underbite surgery, gummy smile surgery and much more. In each blog post, they explore the procedures that each type of surgery entails. Furthermore, the posts contain valuable advice on the various aspects of the surgery.


#2. Roxs Jaw Surgery (

This blogs documents the writer’s journey of undergoing double jaw surgery to correct an open bite. The lady underwent a Bilateral Mandibular Sagittal Split Osteotomy and Lefort 1 Osteotomy Possible Segmental as a result. She duly documented her entire experience right from the preparation stage, through surgery, recovery, and her life after the surgery. The blog documents what a double jaw surgery will take you through. This is the perfect blog to read if you are scheduled to undergo double jaw surgery.


#3. The Jawperation (

This is another blog that has been written by an individual who has undergone double jaw surgery. However, in the case, The Jawperation, the author Jackson, underwent a surgery involving a bone graft that was designed to correct an underbite as well as a canted upper jaw. Jackson documents his experience, exploring dietary options, recovery tips, and more importantly, what his procedure entailed.


#4. Life With jaw Surgery (

This blog is written by Alyssa, another double jaw surgery patient. However, Alyssa adds a new dimension to her blog by writing beyond the jaw surgery. She writes about the recovery tips and tricks she picked up along the way, the cost of her surgery, and the failures and setbacks she experienced on her jaw surgery journey. This is a good resource for those looking for a wholesome jaw surgery experience.


#5. My-Lefort (

This Tumblr blog sets itself apart from the other blogs by the fact that the author did receive questions and posted the answers on the blog. As such, it not just a blog is written from the patient’s perspective with little to no outside input. As such, the blog offers well-rounded information on the experience of undergoing jaw surgery. Importantly, you will find some of the answers to the questions you might have if you are preparing for jaw surgery.

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