Can You Fly With A Broken Nose?

Can You Fly With A Broken Nose?

Flying with a broken nose is not necessary fun but it can be a must in certain circumstances. However, some airplane companies might not allow you to fly with them if you have such an injury. 

And the reasons for this are vast. One of those reasons is your safety because high altitudes come with certain risks for injured people. And if your nose is not stabilized by a doctor, the pressure during the flight might affect your blood and the way your wound reacts. 

And even if the flying company allows you to fly with a broken nose, there are still certain measures that you need to take to protect yourself. Here is what you should consider when you fly with fractured nose and how can you make this experience as safe and pleasant as possible. 

Make sure that your nose is not bleeding

To stabilize the bleeding should be your number one priority. So, make sure that your nose is fairly in place in a way that doesn’t expose you to unnecessary health risks. Hemorrhages can be life threatening especially when it comes to something that is so close to your brain. 

Check if you can breathe correctly even in conditions of high pressure

Breathing is another priority you have and just as important as the bleeding aspect. Make sure that you can use your nose for basic breathing. And if you can’t use it, you will have to breathe on the mouth in a very safe way for your health. Some doctors might recommend certain devices that you can take with you to increase your breathing capacity in such situations. 

See if the airplane company allows you to fly with a broken nose

Different companies have different policies and the problem is that you simply can’t go around those. Call their customer service and ask if you can travel with their company considering the type of injury that you have. 

This will save you unnecessary stress and it will help you get the best company on the market so you will not have to stress over finding a sit in a plane to take you where you need. Other companies will ask you for an insurance to cover any potential risks which is also an option to keep in mind. 

Plus, having such an insurance is also beneficial for you because you never know what happens during any type of flight, especially during one that has you travelling with a fractured nose. 

Talk to a doctor before making any plans. 

As a matter of fact, before purchasing your plane ticket and making any type of travelling arrangements, you need to check with your doctor to make sure that you are allowed to fly without putting your life in danger. 

This will depend on the type of injury that you have as well as on your overall diagnostic. If your doctor allows you to fly, it means that you have no reasons to be concerned. But if they are not able to assure that such a trip is safe, you shouldn’t ignore their medical advice because it can have very serious consequences. 

As you can see, you can fly with a broken nose safely as long as you take some health measures and you are not pushing your luck more than you have to. Follow the tips above and get the best approach for this type of situation without taking risks that you shouldn’t take for the sake of your overall health! 

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