Can Abdominal Surgery Cause Diverticulosis

Can Abdominal Surgery Cause Diverticulosis

What is diverticulosis?

Diverticulosis is the condition of the bowel or sometimes referred to as the colon which presents as pockets in the bowel which has been caused by weakness of the muscle layers in the colon wall.  These pockets are more common in the sigmoid colon, which is a common place for increased pressure. Diverticulosis is uncommon before the age of 40, and increases in incidence after that age.[1] []

Constipation is one of the key causes of diverticulosis … so if you suffer from this problem … take measures to change your diet and lifestyle.  But weaknesses of the abdomin muscles can also contribute to diverticulosis and this can be caused by abdominal surgery.

Can diverticulosis can be reversed?

Over the last 17 years, I have had regular colonoscopies because of abdomen problems.  Some of these problems were because of the womb, ovaries and growths outside of the bowel – which have all been treated successfully with 3 major surgeries .

After these 3 abdominal surgeries I said, no more abdomen surgery.  Since then I have had tumours removed from my bowel as recently as September ’08.  Two years ago (in October 2016) when I had a colonoscopy (and 2 tumours removed) – I was diagnosed with diverticulosis as well as having the tumours removed.  At that same time, I also had a bone density test (which I have to have regularly – because I’ve had thyroid cancer) – and having no thyroid can cause calcium and bone density problems.

Since having my thyroid removed in 2013 my bone density dropped into early stages of osteoporosis in 2016.  My doctor told me that I had to exercise rigorously for a year to halt or reverse this bone loss.  I was given advice as to how to manage the diverticulosis – and I particularly had to avoid things with seeds – like sesame and passionfruit seeds.  This would cause me painful problems in the abdomen.

Can Abdominal Surgery Cause Diverticulosis
Can Abdominal Surgery Cause Diverticulosis

Can exercise reverse diverticulosis?

For the whole of 2017, I exercised rigorously – like my life depended on it.  I did clinical pilates 4 x 1 hours per week and I walked 4-6 x 1 hours per week.  Yes – it made me tired.  It made my bones ache and my body hurt.  It was a struggle at times – but as I said I did it as if my life depended on it.  From a bone density point of view – it was effective.  I didn’t reverse the bone loss, but I was able to stabilise the bone loss and my specialist was happy with the results.

In September 17, I knew there was another problem in the bowel and went back for another colonoscopy.  A tumour was found and removed, and no diverticulosis to be found.  So, I know through personal experience that it can be reversed.  And the story goes on … because I keep growing things in my body … there is still something in me to understand about what I am personally doing to create this.

Everyday for me is about understanding myself better.  And I discover things about myself, I don’t like to find that are buried deep in my psyche – through my exercise and commitment to know myself – I am able to acknowledge, accept and get the higher learning from the darker side of my personality.  In doing this, it releases the harmful effects of these feelings and thoughts = and I continue to heal my body of the consequences of my “stuff”.

Yes … diverticulosis can be reversed

So, my conclusion is that although the experts say that diverticulosis cannot be reversed – that rigorous pilates, working particularly on the abdomen plus a rigorous walking plan for 12 months, will heal diverticulosis.  And any other abdomen weakness.

My abdomen was numb from the surgeries. Along the vertical scar in my abdomen, I was numb for the size of your hand placed over the scar.  After I started exercising, I couldn’t feel my abdominal muscles work for 6 months.  In fact, when I started pilates I couldn’t lift my butt off the floor while lying down.

But I did the exercises 4 times a week and imagined them working until one day I got a twinkling of sensation which grew over the following months to being able to control my abdominal muscles.  Essentially – I grew the muscles again through the exercising.

Commit to a rigorous exercise regime to heal abdominal weakness

I believe that if you have abdominal weakness or problems and can commit to a rigorous campaign of abdominal exercise and walking – that you can heal your abdomen.  But it doesn’t happen in a week or a month.  You get results after many months of dedication and commitment. This will also help your bowel work the way it should with the peristalsis doing its job properly because you’ll have muscles working again that haven’t worked for a long time.  When you consistently exercise you cannot help but strengthen every part of the body – including the bowel itself.

I believe anything can be healed – but the person needing the healing has to participate actively for the process to be truly effective.  If time is a challenge for you – you have to decide what is most important to me right now.  To get your health resolved you are going to have to do the exercise.  You can be healed – but as I’ve said you need to participate actively in the healing.

If you are having surgery on your abdomen … make sure you get the healing meditations at

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