Bursitis Elbow Surgery Recovery Time

Bursitis Elbow Surgery Recovery Time

The recovery from a bursitis elbow surgery is not as challenging as it may seem but it is a serious process and it should be treated as such. You have to understand that each person heals in a different way when it comes to such a surgery, even if there are certain common guidelines to be followed.

During the recovery process, your goal as well as your doctor’s goal will certainly be to reduce the inflammation which can be crucial in the process of a fast recovery. You are looking to achieve full range of motion in your injured elbow and reduce pain to minimum. 

Generally, this type of recovery can take a minimum of 10 days and in some cases it can last even more than 2 weeks. It all depends on the level of injury and original inflammation that has to be treated. However, you can expect to return to your daily activities and even be able to practice different sports that involved the injured elbow, within several weeks or months.

When your doctor allows you, you can start certain exercises that will help you regain all the functions you used to have in your elbow prior to surgery. You should follow the instructions of a specialist at least for the beginning of this process of recovery. Just like we mentioned above, this phase can take a different amount of time from a patient to another as each individual has their own needs and particularities. Also, your body might react faster or slower to the recovery process than others. All these aspects need to be considered in order to reach the desired outcome.

Your doctor might prescribe you certain medication in order to help you deal with potential pain post surgery. It is essential to take your medication and follow your doctor’s instructions in terms of how much you can use your elbow! If you are using it more than you should in a short period of time, you will do more damage and actually slow down the recovery process.

Always start by doing slow and gentle movements involving your elbow and increase the amount of movements the more strength you gain. Perform exercises that involve both arms and elbows equally that way you will also work on coordination as well as balance at the same time you are building your strength. You can find several exercises that involve daily activities and help you regenerate your elbow and reduce consequences of such an intervention to a minimum. Most of them include stretching your arms and even performing certain yoga poses to gain your flexibility back. Yoga is a great recovery technique for those who suffered a bursitis surgery but you should always perform it under the professional guidance of a specialist or yoga instructor. Remember that more than 50 % of your success is based on the way you perform these exercises and moves. You will need to do them correctly in order to regain complete function in your elbow and don’t modify the original form of an exercise unless your doctor recommends you to do that.

As serious as a bursitis elbow surgery might seem, it is definitely not something to be overly concerned about as long as you follow the instructions of your medical team. Your recovery depends a lot on your level of discipline which is why you need to be very diligent when you do your exercises. Try your best and you will be back to your usual activities in no time!

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