Bone Spur Surgery Recovery Time

The bone spur surgery is not a severe intervention but it requires certain recovery time and aspects. During the surgery, you will have a bone spur removed and the dimensions of this might vary from a patient to another. Bone spurs are bone growths that appear on the surface of regular bones. 

Besides the discomfort that they create, these spurs might also put your health at risk if they are left untreated. 

What is recovery like?

Once you enter the recovery phase, you will notice that you might feel tired for several days after the surgery. The area of your surgery will be visibly swollen and that will require extra care and attention because you don’t want to force it right after the danger passed. 

Also, your skin color in that area might be slightly different than the rest of your skin but you shouldn’t be concerned of it since these are normal side effects and reactions after such a bone spur intervention. 

The recovery will progress from one day to the next and you should start feeling better in just a few days. Also, the recovery process depends significantly on the location of the bone spur and the dimensions of it. 

As a general rule, the recovery process after a bone spur surgery can last from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the condition of each patient as well as their age and general health. 

Week One of Bone Spur Recovery

In the first week, you might be restricted from certain activities that might include workout exercises or jogging. However, even if you shouldn’t push your body to certain workouts and efforts, you should still remain active during the recovery phase. Try to take at least a 20 minutes’ walk each day and move your body as much as possible to increase blood circulation. 

Returning to your regular work job will also depend on the type of bone spur surgery that you had. People who have a desk job tend to be able to return to it faster than those that need to work with their body for instance by lifting heavy objects. 

In any case, you should follow your doctor’s instructions for better safety and a faster recovery. Forcing your body more than it can take after such a surgery can have the opposite effect and actually slow down the recovery process or even create certain complications. 

Your diet could remain unchanged unless your doctor recommends you otherwise. Also, taking your medicine is a crucial aspect in your recovery so don’t skip the treatment that your doctor will most likely prescribe to you as soon as you leave the hospital. 

Overall, a bone spur surgery is not something to be concerned about. As a matter of fact, in most cases, this surgery has no complications and the recovery phase goes by smoothly and without significant medical events. Remember to call your doctor once any type of complications appears after your intervention and tell them all your symptoms!

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