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How Long Is Haglund Deformity Surgery Recovery Time

Haglund’s deformity is described as either a prominence laterally or dorsally at the back part of the heel or a type of bone deformity. This condition usually results in an aching, dull soreness in an area that is called bursitis. Painful bursitis is described as inflammation that occurs in a sac that is filled...

Vitamins For Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a very often met form of heel pain that can be quite uncomfortable and even severe if it is left untreated. What you need to know is that the plantar fascia is a flat ligament that has the main role of connecting your toes to your heel bone. If this tissue...

A male person sitting on a balcony with sudden knee-pain.

Knee Pain When Sitting Indian Style

If you like to sit Indian style, with your legs crossed, you might be familiar with the effects of such a position. For a few minutes, sitting Indian style doesn’t have a big effect on your legs and it can be actually quite comfortable. But if you spend more time than a couple of...

Bone Spur Surgery Recovery Time

The bone spur surgery is not a severe intervention but it requires certain recovery time and aspects. During the surgery, you will have a bone spur removed and the dimensions of this might vary from a patient to another. Bone spurs are bone growths that appear on the surface of regular bones.  Besides the...

How Long Does Cipro Stay In Your System?

Cipro will stay in your system for different periods of time according to your kidney function. Cipro, short for ciprofloxacin is used in a variety of situations including treating a multitude of bacterial infections that can have severe consequences for the organism. Since this is an antibiotic, it will have a direct effect on...

Hematoma Lump Won’t Go Away

When you have a hematoma lump, you should turn your attention toward your overall health and in most cases, it’s required to check with a doctor. Hematomas can appear due to a variety of reasons and health conditions and not all of them are serious.  However, if you have a hematoma lump that won’t...

Can You Fly With A Broken Nose?

Can You Fly With A Broken Nose?

Flying with a broken nose is not necessary fun but it can be a must in certain circumstances. However, some airplane companies might not allow you to fly with them if you have such an injury.  And the reasons for this are vast. One of those reasons is your safety because high altitudes come...

Sleeping With Sling After Shoulder Surgery

Sleeping With Sling After Shoulder Surgery

Using a sling is more important than you might think, after a shoulder surgery. It is a fair part of the treatment and recovery and you should wear it as much as your doctor suggests you to. It might be uncomfortable to wear your sling all the time, especially when you are sleeping but...

Bursitis Elbow Surgery Recovery Time

Bursitis Elbow Surgery Recovery Time

The recovery from a bursitis elbow surgery is not as challenging as it may seem but it is a serious process and it should be treated as such. You have to understand that each person heals in a different way when it comes to such a surgery, even if there are certain common guidelines...

Travel After Hip Replacement Surgery

Travel After Hip Replacement Surgery

A hip replacement surgery is a serious intervention and it should be treated as such even after the operation because it comes with certain precautions that need to be followed. These precautions as well as the doctor’s instructions will lead to a safer and faster recovery. Travelling can be done quick after a hip...

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